New phase in campaign to get people to stop drinking sugary drinks

Originally posted by Lee Owens on WCYB

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - You've probably seen its media blitz. Now, a campaign to get people to switch from sugary drinks to water is moving forward in Kingsport.

It's called the Live Sugar Freed campaign.

Through a partnership with Healthy Kingsport, it launched a media blitz to help educate people in the Tri-Cities about the health risks of having too much sugar in their diet.

Now, it’s ready to begin another phase of the campaign.

"What we know so far is that a lot of people have seen this message many times and people are talking about it," said Tom Farley, CEO of The Public Good Project. "We don't know yet whether they'll change their behavior, but we've certainly made it easier for them to change their behavior. Then what we're doing today is launching phase two of the Sugar Freed."

Phase two means organizations that have taken the Live Sugar Freed pledge, to encourage drinking more water instead of sugary drinks, will receive free delivery of bottled water for three months.

Those organizations include such as Eastman, Mountain States Health Alliance, Wellmont and Kingsport City Schools.