Using science to change public health for good.

PGP tackles the most pressing health issues of the day—like the COVID-19 pandemic and infodemic—and longstanding public health challenges such as mental health, tobacco control, school wellness, sexual and reproductive health, and the opioid epidemic. No matter the issue, we use a collective impact model to create culturally appropriate, evidence-based programs that empower local organizations and individuals.

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

As experts in media monitoring and misinformation, we’re fighting the COVID-19 infodemic and vaccine hesitancy.

Mental & Social Health

One in five adults in the U.S. experience a mental health condition. Our novel, evidence-based programs have effectively reduced mental health stigma.

Opioids & Substance Use

From the world’s first animated series on binge drinking to a documentary about substance use on Martha’s Vineyard to a revolutionary new way to confront the stigma of opioid addiction, we bring substance use out of the shadows and give it a human face.

Tobacco & E-cigarettes

With messages tailored for specific communities, PGP creates campaigns that go beyond the bland tobacco cessation programs of the past. Instead, we use social media influencers and top-notch videos featuring real people—no actors allowed—to create authentic, vibrant visuals that stay with you and get results.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

There are deep divides in what information is available to white women compared to women of color. PGP works with local communities to create positive, empowering messages specifically tailored for Black and Latina women. Often, the audience of a campaign is its creator, too. This approach has improved measures of low birth weight in Florida and unintended pregnancies in New York, and we’re just beginning.

Nutrition & School Wellness

Poor nutrition and physical inactivity are directly related to the top leading causes of preventable death in the U.S. and worldwide, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer. We’ve designed the country’s most successful sugar-sweetened beverage reduction campaigns, increased consumption of vegetables, and engaged parents on school wellness policies in multiple states.

From media monitoring to feature-length documentaries, learn more about the services we provide.